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I am a very proud Nova Scotian, or Bluenoser.

It is a historic and beautiful area, with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I know I am biased here, but even my English partner would agree with me on this.

It is also a hidden jewel for food lovers. Farmers markets are rampant, and bulging with true local produce. There isn’t the In every nook you will find local people passionate about food and drink, with a serious over abundance of wineries and breweries given its population.

Chefs produce some amazing food, but don’t have to rely on techniques and tricks to get flavour out the food. They just have to exhibit the freshness of the produce to wow their guests. It’s a different pace of life than the hustle and bustle of cities like Toronto or London. So the SlowFood movement is a big deal.

What truly makes Nova Scotia special, is that people have long realised that the power of community makes everything better. As proof, look no further than the great Nova Scotian Kitchen Party. Good music, good food, good friends and neighbours. Heaven.

Anyway, below you can find a slightly curated set of links related to food in Nova Scotia. Go on and visit!

-Matt (proud Bluenoser)

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